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Verónica Jiménez

Verónica Jiménez specializes in Conscious Biodecoding of the Being, among other holistic therapies, a technique that seeks to release repressed emotions and subconscious blocks that cause physical and mental symptoms. Verónica knows first-hand the benefits of these therapies, since she managed to heal her own lupus and other health problems thanks to it.


Now he shares his experience and tools with other people who want to improve their well-being and take control of their lives. Verónica uses the unconscious protocol, neurolinguistic programming, the codica method, and biomagnetism to help her clients identify and resolve unconscious conflicts that prevent them from being happy and fulfilled.

"La Biodescodificacion y otras técnicas que utilizo en Terapia te ayudarán a despertar a la consciencia de tu ser, potenciándolo y sanando emocionalmente,  esto dará como resultado bienestar de mente, cuerpo y espíritu, lo que fortalece nuestras relaciones,  atraerás situaciones positivas y de éxito que impactan a la familia y  a quienes nos rodean"
Verónica Jiménez

Therapist and Personal Coach

I accompany you in your process,  you're not alone!

My mission is to accompany all those people who wish to do so from their present state to their desired state with the aim of acquiring a better quality of life and trying to heal impacts and emotional blockages from the past.

It is not about any alternative medicine; It is about working with tools and guidelines in the Emotional field that are complementary and do not constitute any medical treatment, which help to manage in the best possible way the process that one has to live at this moment.

Always working alongside traditional Medicine and never neglecting the medical treatment prescribed by the doctor.

Release your elemental power, be who you want to be and live life as you want, it is possible to change everything you have believed to be and  what you have to live... Dare, if you don't like your reality, change it, it's all up to you!


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