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Welcome to this portal, where we support you to evolve and discover your true self.

We offer you therapies and personal growth accompaniment to heal and eliminate mental blocks that prevent you from living fully and changing what you don't like in your life. We help you break patterns of repetitive results and unlock your full potential.

Verónica Jiménez is a personal coach in Conscious Biodecoding Therapy.

It will help you find your true self and remove mental and emotional blocks that

They get sick physically, mentally and spiritually.
Change is possible!


We have a group of Expert Therapists in different techniques and disciplines.  Our goal is to support whoever wants it to heal emotionally, be healthy and achieve your goals.

We offer face-to-face therapy and accompaniment in Denver and Culumbus. We also provide online therapy, no matter where you are, we will be there for you. Contact us and book a diagnostic session to get to know us and give you the care you need.

I'm Veronica Jimenez

Therapist in Conscious BioDecoding, Biocongruence, NLP and other therapies.  My mission is to help all those who so wish to awaken to the consciousness of their being, to free themselves from emotional blockages that make the mind and body sick. I provide accompaniments to eliminate limiting thoughts and program your mind with new  habits that will drive you to achieve your goals.


"Enter the place where you have not been able to go and recognize the unconscious suffering in which you have lived and that conditions you to not be your best version, recognize where the conflict or damage comes from that does not let you live fully, eliminate that blockage that make you repeatbehavior patterns that are not healthy  and from there freely choose the way
to live the events that present themselves in your life "





¡Gracias por tu pedido!

Comienza tu proceso de Sanación

Lo primero es que solicites una cita para valoración, conocerte y de acuerdo a lo que comentes te canalizaremos hacia la terapia que sea la que pueda ayudarte en un principio a sanar, a encontrar tu verdadero yo, solícitala:

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