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Access Bars a technique that releases the thoughts and emotions that limit us in life. It consists of gently touching 32 points on the head that are related to different areas (money, creativity, sexuality, etc.). By doing so, the frequency of brain waves is changed and deep relaxation is achieved. Access Bars don't erase valuable information, they just remove the electrical charge that's holding us back. It is like formatting the hard drive of our brain.

Access Consciousness
The Access Bars is just the tip of the iceberg, the fundamental pillar of something bigger called 'Access Consciousness'.

Access Consciousness is a set of tools and processes that have been designed to increase people's awareness. Consciousness is all-inclusive, nonjudgmental. It is the ability to be fully aware, fully present in all areas of your life.


'Awareness' is the quality of constantly being open to more possibilities, more alternatives, with the result of living more fully.

Within Access Consciousness there is very different and totally practical information to help you improve and change any area of your life, be it finances, health, sex, professional life or interpersonal relationships. Access helps you recognize your inner wisdom, identify what is correct, full and true for you among all the tangle of information that circulates in the world today and, thus, begin to create your life consciously, from a point of view. active in which you will be connected with life and with your own wisdom.

Introduction to Access Bars
In order to get started in the application of this discipline, it is necessary to receive a specific minimum training. An official Access Bars course lasts one day and in it you learn the theoretical foundations of the technique, some complementary processes and the manual process. 4 Access Bars sessions are held; in two of them you receive the process and in the other two you carry out the process.

Once a course is completed, you will be able to give sessions to family, friends and clients, and even charge for it, once you feel confident enough to do so. Access Bars is a process that everyone can learn, and is designed to be easy to give and has no contraindications.

With Access you will stop living based on the answers that constantly limit you to start living based on questions that will help you consciously create a new reality in which you will feel like a fish in water. Are you willing to experience a fulfillment beyond what you can currently imagine?


We invite you to schedule a consultation and/or learn about this extremely interesting and revolutionary therapy.

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